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Leaking water is a common problem with faulty washers but often the cost to repair the washer is minimal compared to the cost of replacing water damaged walls and floors. Leaking water from your washer can also be dangerous if it has made contact with any electrics. When a water leak is first detected, we recommend it is dealt with immediately to reduce the risk of further damage and repair costs. In most cases, a leaking washer caught in time is a reasonably easy fix.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Beeping noises from fridges when the door is closed is a warning sign that there is a problem. Many people stop the beeping by pushing a button, but this is only a temporary measure –- the beeping will start again. The fridge has a fault and it needs to be looked at, so don’t ignore it. 


Quite often, a small amount of water on the floor in front of your dishwasher leads to a greater problem at the rear of the unit. This causes unseen damage to floors and cabinetry. A common complaint about dishwashers is a failure to clean as efficiently as before. Many times, the cause is blocked filters, blocked wands or the dishwasher being over stacked.

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